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4711 Perfumes

4711 is a well-known perfume brand that has a long and fascinating history. The brand is named after its signature fragrance, 4711 Eau de Cologne, which has gained worldwide recognition for its refreshing and invigorating scent.

Let's delve into the story and characteristics of 4711 Perfumes. The origins of 4711 date back to the late 18th century in Cologne, Germany.

The brand was founded by Wilhelm Mülhens, a young entrepreneur who acquired a small perfume shop on the Glockengasse (Bell Street) in Cologne. Initially, the shop sold a variety of scented products, but it was the creation of an exceptional fragrance that would define the brand's legacy.

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4711 Eau De Cologne 300ml
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    4711 Eau De Cologne 800ml
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      4711 Eau De Cologne 400ml
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        4711 Eau De Cologne 20ml
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